Our New Favorite Game

Now that the carpet race is on, Nora and Tessa have a new favorite pasttime called: “How hard can I pull on Frankie before he’s had enough.”

All things considering (which is a lot in Frankie’s case), Frankie has adjusted fairly well to the newest members of the Herring “pack”.  Frankie has always been a pretty mellow dog and so he mostly just wants to be around all of us.  Until now, the girls had very little interest in Frankie—occasionally watching him mosey across the room or out in the backyard.  But now that the crawl is ON the girls like to, um, gently pet Frankie.

Hello, Nora.  Playing on the floor?

Yes, mommy–I’m just hanging out.


What’s this?  Frankie?  My, he is close.  Close enough to…




Frankie took off behind the couch.  (No photo captured of the grand escape as the camera was thrown to the floor to prevent further bloodshed and/or a snack of doggy quaff.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Easter!

We’ll see you on the flip side.