In just a few days, we’ve reached so many new milestones.

Both of the girls went from a crawling position to a sitting position this weekend.


I think Nora said “ba” for ball yesterday and really meant it.  She’s been calling me (and every living and n0n-living thing) “ma ma ma ma ma” for the past week.


Tessa is crawling circles around all of us.

Nora pulled herself up into a standing position by herself. (Pictures forthcoming)

Both girls have decided that they are going to feed themselves from here on, thank you very much.


Both girls have starting making a ticking sound with their mouths, which, I think, is an imitation of me kissing them CONSTANTLY (will this lady ever stop with the kisses?!?!).


I was telling a friend the other day how much I love each new stage.  How I rarely look back at the past month, the past year and yearn for its return.  I am a proud and boastful parent of each amazing accomplishment that my girls make, together and separately.  I remember cheering so loudly when Tessa rolled over for the first time that I accidentally frightened her with my reaction.  My babies grew quickly from the start and so they have rarely seemed like babies to me.  They already seem like little girls, little people with opinions and thoughts and emotions.  Their “littleness” is not so little anymore.  I can see and hear their personalities emerging in each great big triumphant cry.


Maybe it was all the changes this weekend, maybe it was the fact that so many of my friends are having babies right now, maybe its because its been so cloudy and rainy, but lately I’ve really felt myself gripping onto the past.  Holding tight to those moments that now seem fleeting.  It seems to be slipping away so quickly and I can hardly keep up.


I have always believed that I must enjoy my time with the girls in the moments that we are together.  Time spent freting over the past or what events the future may hold is time that is wasted.  But its getting harder.  I have to force myself to live in the moment and savor it for what it is.


It is.