The Mother of all Posts

This day, day 1, the first day I became a mother, is not as fuzzy in my mind as everyone said it would be.


In fact, I have thought about that day almost every day for the last 8 months and 27 days.  It was the most joyous day of my life.


Until I had my own children I don’t think I every fully grasped the profoundness of motherhood.  I never truly understood the pride a mother takes in the little things about her children…


I never really comprehended the connection that there would be…


…or the heart-bursting joy of a coo or a smile…


I had no idea how much fun, really incredible fun, this would be.


One thing that really strikes me about being a mother is the reflection of our own mothers and what they have and continue to do for me, for us.  From the world view of a child, it is hard to understand the constant and deep reflection that a mother has for her own children.  And then to think back to our grandmothers’ lives and the work and love it took to raise children of their own…


We are so grateful for what our mothers taught us about being wonderful parents.  And we are so thankful that they can now immerse themselves in the joys of being grandparents.


To our moms, Gwen and Terry–Happy Mother’s Day!  We love you.  And thank you.


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  1. Brook, very touching blog and great pictures for Mom’s day.
    Sending love from Chaska….

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