Baby Obstacle Courses, 101

I know it looks like I posed the girls like this, but the fact of the matter is–we now live in a baby obstacle course and the main speedbump is sissy.  It doesn’t matter WHICH sissy is in the way, but there is always someone to crawl over.


This isn’t the best “live action” shot (below), but you get the picture.  Nora just has to get to something and Tessa’s legs are clearly in the way.  Tessa usually does more of a “full body block” over Nora’s back and Nora starts screaming until someone rescues her or Tessa finishing her descent over Mt.



The exersaucer also is a great location for crawling through.  Nora was in there with Tessa but she saw the camera and bolted for me.  And now the girls have started pulling THEMSELVES up on the gate (pictured below) and on the side of the saucer.


We’re in for some fun (and bumps) now!