We got an early birthday present this year.  A NEW SWING-SET!

Tessa (right) is particularly overjoyed by the swing-set.


This child is pratically hysterical with laughter each time she gets in the swing.  Tessa loves it.  She absolutely loves it.


Tessa is always  a very “smiley” kiddo, but the swings really get her going.


Nora likes the swings, too.  She did a great job of holding on tight to the sides.


Nora is very verbal lately.  Especially with the “ma ma ma ma ma”.  You can see the “m” forming on her lips here.   I love it.


Daddy is a great pusher.  Not to be confused with “push-over” which he will also be when the girls start saying “da da da da da da” and look at him with their ocean-blue eyes.


Thank you, Grammy and Poppie.  We love it.  I think we’re going to have a lot of great memories of our swing-set.