For Bill

Journey Home  By Bill Staines. © 2004 Mineral River Music (BMI)

I have stood on the banks of the river
And felt the pull of the passing time.
Been touched by a breeze, little more than a shiver
As it lightly leapt on down the line.

And on that wind, I heard a story.
A story old and ever true,
“Come follow me, I’m bound for glory,
And there’s a place out there for you.”

Oh, I have climbed to the top of the mountain
Where the view will steal your breath away,
And washed my soul in the highest of fountains,
Just at the breaking of the day.

And with bright flowers all around me
Standing golden in the sun
I felt a hand was there to guide me
Until my journey home was done.

Someday I’ll hear some far off calling
That I have never heard before.
And it will beckon me to follow
And walk a strange and different shore.

But as I rise to make the journey,
Across that wide and darkest sea,
I know some star, forever burning,
Will shine its light as a path for me.