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Things I Don’t Want to Forget…

The girls love Elmo.  I don’t know why.  They call him “Mo”.  They also call all other Sesame Street characters “Mo.”  I think we’ve watched Sesame Street only about 5 times in our entire lives, but we do have lots of Sesame Street books and we read those every day.

 Yesterday when we were playing on the slide we were practicing taking turns.  But when Tessa went down the slide, she wanted to come back up the slide while Nora was trying to go down.  We told her to “go around” and she would stand up and run “around” in a circle.  It was hilarious.

The baby dolls get more kisses and hugs than anyone else.  I am often jealous.

Books are often read simultaneously and are frequently read upside down.  It’s a skill.

Nora loves to try on clothes (see below) and mix and match shoes and socks, but this morning when Daddy went into the nursery to get the girls up, Nora had somehow managed to take off her shirt and was giggling uncontrollably.

Tessa loves to hide in the tunnel.  The girls touch hands through the tunnel and giggle and giggle and giggle, like there is some mysterious creature on the other side.

Every day is a new adventure.

Go Royals!

We love to get up on the couch and look out the window.

When a person or a car whizzes past we ask, “Where did it go?”  “Where did it go?” And we put are hands in the air and shrug our shoulders.  It’s quite possibly as cute as the Mackenzie-patented “touchdown”!

These hats were Daddy’s birthday present from the girls.  They are toddler size, not baby size, so we can wear them for years and years to come…Here, Nora poses in style.

Tessa had to take a break from window gazing to check out the score…

Oh no!  We’re losing.  So we started to wonder…

“Who in the world is this pitcher?”  “Where did the Royals score go?”

Don’t look sissy.  It isn’t pretty.