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Pork Chops and Applesauce…

Staying true to the Bailey tradition, the girls love to eat. We’ve made the slow progression to “solids” over the last few months and both Nora and Tessa are eating like champs.


I meant solid food, not solid objects!

This month we got the green light from the pediatrician to start on solids at every meal. Their favorite food is carrots. They aren’t so found of bananas and applesauce–but we’re sure they’ll come around. While feedings now take longer and are more involved and MESSY, it is a joy to watch the girls explore this new world of food.


At first we fed the girls in their bebe pods (i.e., the greatest baby invention–ever!). This worked out well because they could sit up and eat and it left our hands free to spoon food and not worry about them tipping over.


We’ve recently moved to the high chair for feedings. At first the girls seemed dwarfed by the massive chair.


But, now they’re growing into their chairs (and soon they’ll be growing out of them–like everything else).

Of all the yummy food they’ve begun to explore, Nora and Tessa love it the most when they get their delicious bottles. Especially when the bottles come with a slice of love from their grandparents.