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Go Ann!

Ann, we will be thinking of you tomorrow. 

 Here is our cheer for you:

Go Ann!  Go Ann! 


Kick some bottom dollars and feel better!

Rah! Rah! Rah, Ann!  We love you!  Feel better!!!

We’re pulling for you AW!

Hanging Out

We had a great weekend.

We walked and babbled about, you know, baby stuff.  Worked on getting some MORE teeth. Wore our pants on our heads. 


You know, just hung out.

Whoa Whoa WALKING!

Swim lessons did not go according to plan (if you can even have a plan with infant–I mean toddler twins).  More later, maybe.

It’s “toddler” once they start toddlin’, right? 

We’re walkin’, yes siree…

And we talkin’, ’bout you and me…

Let’s get ready to….



They’re pretty good at it too.  Nora was the first to take off about a week ago.  And then this weekend Tessa decided she better catch up.

What’s so cute is that they KNOW they’re walking and they are so proud of themselves.  You can see it in their laugh and in their eyes.

Swim Lessons, Part I

Down in a meadow ina itty bitty pool

swam 2 little fishes and a mommy fishy too

swim said the mommy fish swim if you can
so they swam and they swam all over the dam

oomp boomp dittum dattum wattum choo
oomp boomp dittum dattum wattum choo
oomp boomp dittum dattum wattum choo

and they swam swam all over the dam.

Tonight begins Lesson 1.  Stay tuned…


Happy Birthday Daddy!

 We want to sing you a song…ooooooooooo!!!!

 And then get into a tickle attack!


 And then give you a BIIIIIGGGG HUUUGGGG!

 We’ll even let you play with our toys!


Most of all we just like being with you.  Love you, daddy.  Happy Birthday.