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Memory slips…

It has only been a few months, but its hard to believe that our girls were as small as they were.


Here’s me and Nora, taking a nap last September. And then there was Tessa:


Its amazing how time flies….

Pork Chops and Applesauce…

Staying true to the Bailey tradition, the girls love to eat. We’ve made the slow progression to “solids” over the last few months and both Nora and Tessa are eating like champs.


I meant solid food, not solid objects!

This month we got the green light from the pediatrician to start on solids at every meal. Their favorite food is carrots. They aren’t so found of bananas and applesauce–but we’re sure they’ll come around. While feedings now take longer and are more involved and MESSY, it is a joy to watch the girls explore this new world of food.


At first we fed the girls in their bebe pods (i.e., the greatest baby invention–ever!). This worked out well because they could sit up and eat and it left our hands free to spoon food and not worry about them tipping over.


We’ve recently moved to the high chair for feedings. At first the girls seemed dwarfed by the massive chair.


But, now they’re growing into their chairs (and soon they’ll be growing out of them–like everything else).

Of all the yummy food they’ve begun to explore, Nora and Tessa love it the most when they get their delicious bottles. Especially when the bottles come with a slice of love from their grandparents.


Special moments…

It seems that Nora and Tessa are growing and changing so much each day!  There are so many things that I want to remember about them. Like…

their tiny little toes…


…the deepest blue eyes…


…smiles that melt your heart…


…and the time Nora tried to eat Tessa!


Wait a minute!!!! 

This is so much fun.  To anyone interested–I highly recommend having twins.

A Reunion

Recently Nora and Tessa met their great-grandmother, my Granny Cozine.  N & T are the first generation of the great-grandchildren on my maternal side of the family and so it was a really special treat for them to meet their Great-Granny and all their great-aunts


We had so much fun “talking” to everyone and showing off our smiles!


Hey! Aunt Joyce was so much fun!


We had so much fun playing with our family!


We hope they come again soon! 

And…THEY’RE OFF (almost)!

It’s a race to find out who will crawl first!  Tessa really seems to have the logistics down–pulling with her arms and alternating pushing with her legs.  But it is sweet little Nora that really has a fire in her eyes to TAKE OFF.  However, the coordination for Nora’s “crawl” looks more like a skydive. 


Happy (1/2) Birthday!

Welcome to our blog. We’re Nora and Tessa, and we’ve decided that we want to share some daily adventures with family and friends.

Today we’re six months old. It was one year ago today that mom and dad sent a valentine to their family announcing our arrival-to-be.

Baby Valentine 2006

What an adventure it’s been for them! And for us, too.

We’ve grown so much in the past six months. Just the other day we got our offical weigh-in: Nora registers at 19 pounds; Tessa at 19 pounds, 11 ounces. We’re big, healthy, happy baby girls! Mom and dad are so proud.

Check in several times a week as they post pictures of us and our daily adventures.