Weathering the Weather

I love spring.  Fall is my favorite season but I do love the spring.  The glorious feel of warm air on your bear skin after so many months of layers and layers of clothing is unbeatable.

For what seemed like months and months we’ve been bundling up with big sweaters, thick socks, hats, hoods and gloves.  You’d think we lived in the arctic tundra instead of just Kansas City…


Hello?  Are these kids about to go walk (crawl–ok wiggle, really) on the moon???

Finally, spring is upon us.–the buds are budding, the leaves are sprouting, the daffodils are popping and we’ve busted out the summer gear.  It’s time for sunglasses and sandals, bonnets and beachgear.


Summer fun–bring it on!

5 thoughts on “Weathering the Weather”

  1. I love how we have bibs on them even in their snowsuits. Were we afriad they would spew everywhere while making static snowangles?

  2. Dudes! Me and Mom took them out in those suits in that picture! We never told you this…but those suits were so dang big, we couldn’t even buckle their seat belts!!! Now that’s one puffy snow suit!!! 🙂

  3. Oh! And…Mom and I are very very good about keeping the girls tidy and drool-free at all times! he he

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