Up up and away…

Aunt Morgana got us these rockin’ fun balloons to play with for our birthday.  We loved them so much.  They helped mommy get some really good pictures.

 Rock on, Tess!

Such a sweetheart.

This is called the “Nora Squint”.  She makes this face a lot.  We don’t know where she got it but she’s being doing it for a long time.

This is the other Nora face, called the “Baby Nora Grimace”.  Again, don’t know where she gets these expressions–could it be from their overly theatrical mother?  Nah. 

Tessa is singing a lot these days…It’s like a owl call, “hoo hoo hoo”.

Here we got an “ah ah ah”.

Nora likes to sing too.  She’s also into the owl call.

Have I ever mentioned that the girls have very very blue eyes.  Wow.

See ya later alligator!