Wah wah wah!

[4 o’clock a.m. CST]

From the other room: “[grunt] [quiet whine]” Quiet, but persistent.

I look over at Chad.  Still to the world.

“[whining gets louder. more persistent.]”

I go into their room, look over at Nora.  Still.  Look over at Tessa, her eyes half open.  I reach down to touch her.


The bed is soaking.  The child is soaking.  The diaper is full beyond capacity.  That will teach me to let her have an entire glass of water before bedtime.  “All wet,” she says. Indeed.

I clean her up.  New diaper.  New jammies.  Entire set of new bedding.  She is so still and quiet and helpful.  A dry kiss goodnight.

[4:20 a.m. CST]

From the other room: “Wah wah wah.  Wah wah wah.”  She is saying “wah”.  It is awkward, not a cry, but words.  What could be wrong now?

Then, I hear singing, “Baby on da bus go ‘wah wah wah’ ALL through da TOWN!”

An early morning serenade from a wet, little cutie.