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I do not like this time of year, Sam I am, Redux

I do not like this time of year,

I do not like it in my ear;

[Read: we are all sick sick sick with crud]

I do not like the cold and snow,

I do not like it cause it blow(s);

[Read: we cannot go outside because the windchill is minus 30 everyday and we’re getting cabin fever]

I do not like the cold and flu,

I do not like it in my shoe;

[Read: did I mention illness?]

I do not like no pictures to post;

Because I ate them with my toast.

[Read: Illness + Cabin fever = Bad Photo Ops and Bad Blogging.]

Although these two pictures (Tessa and Nora, respectively), make me very happy every time I look at them–even if they date back to November:

The Halloween Costume Try-Outs Continue…

Tessa has a SILLY hat(s)…

…a SiLLy hat(s)… (sing it, girl!)…

…a SIL-eeeeey hat(s)…

…now, Nora hAs a silLy HAt(s)…(and some mysterious water-substance or probably lunch…)

…on her HeAD!

It’s hard to do justice to our “silly hat” song on a blog.  But those are the lyrics.  The song mostly applies to our friend “Pez”–a dead tree down the street carved into the shape of a Pez dispenser that (who?) has various “silly hats” on its (his?) head depending on the season of the year.   This is “Halloween Pez”…

We love pez.

Spare a dime?

Oh dear.  It must be raining again on Walmer Street.

We must don our best ‘kerchiefs lest we get drenched.

Hmmm…I shall ponder such wisdom briefly…

What great fun and such sweetness it is to have such silly hats!