We were so lucky to have Granny Cozine stay with Grammy Gwen during the summer while she transitioned to Minnesota.  The girls loved to go over to Grammy’s house to see Granny Cozine.  We kept trying to get the girls to say, “Granny Cozine”, but they just kept calling her “Cozine!”

Then the questions would start:

Tess: “Where Cozine go?”

Me: “She’s right there baby.”

Nora: “Cozine eating.”  Stating the obvious.

Me: “Yeah, baby, we’re all eating lunch now.”

Tessa: “Cozine done?”  Mid-lunch.

Me: “No, baby, we’re all still eating lunch.”

Grammy pulls out some pie and ice cream for dessert and the girls randomly break into a rendition of “Happy BIR-DAY, CO-Zineeeeee! Happy BIR-DAY to Uuuuuu!”

We miss Cozine, although we’re happy that she’s finding a new home in Minnesota.  The other night, out of nowhere, Nora asked, “Cozine go?”  We can’t wait for our first visit.

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  1. As recently as last Saturday, the girls came over — they ran into the living room looked at the couch and said, “Where Cozine go?” They miss her, as we all do.

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